June 10, 2012

3 Ladies of 'Mad Men'

Ok, I'm the first to admit that I was late in getting into the 'Mad Men' game.  But I've given it a chance and I am totally on board now and rushing to catch up on the series.  It's hard for me to decide which lady's fashion stylings I prefer but every episode is always such a treat to watch for the authentic details.  Hats off to Janie Bryant, the show's costume designer...

Stay tuned for my ongoing ode to the ladies of 'Mad Men'

The Shoes:

Betty Draper: a touch of sophistication.
Dark taupe pump with simple gold buckle on the side.   Size 8.
No longer available.

Peggy Olsen's sweet, sensible style.
Dark auburn, with ruched toe and kitten-heel. Size 8.
No longer available.

Raspberry Mary Janes with kitten heel.  Size 7.

Screams of Joan (see picture above!)
Size 8.5.

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